The Joyso Difference

There are a number of options available if you're looking for a new pet. Puppies are so cute...everybody loves a puppy! But, what if, after the thrill of a new puppy wears off, there's not enough time to ensure proper care? What if the temperament's not right? What if the dog lashes out and becomes aggressive or worse yet, bites somebody? Nothing breaks a heart more than to see a neglected, or abandoned pet.


I have a different proposition for you - wouldn't everybody be better off if there was time taken to make a match between puppy and owner? Getting to know you as a prospective puppy owner, to better understand your personality, your lifestyle and your wishes. This is only part of the equation, but it's a good starting point!

At 8 weeks, I have fellow dog breeder friends participate in an evaluation of the litter for me. I'm excluded to see how they each react without my presence in the room. Following this, an assessment is provided on each puppy with respect to confidence, dominance/submissive and overall. From this, I can draw my conclusions on which puppy should go where to ensure the best fit, meaning win-win for new puppy owner, and puppy...and me as well. Knowing that you will be happy, and my puppy will be happy, makes me happy!


The puppies live with me, in my home, 24/7. This way I can keep an eye on them, take care of them, but most importantly, there's a distinct advantage to them being integrated with constant human contact. They tend to be socialized much better, boosting their confidence and comfort with us humans. I am lucky enough to have this ability, I wouldn't want to keep them away from me in a kennel, or building out back.


You may have come to this website through our Facebook group - Joyso Golden Retrievers Public. This is something new for me. It will feature general posts sharing my knowledge through articles, references and opinions. It will also feature pictures discussing news of the Golden Retriever breed.

I have created a closed Facebook group for my "extended family", for those who have come to me looking for companionship of a golden retriever and that we were able to find the right match. In this forum, we have open discussion on the challenges and victories of raising these fine puppies...and, there might be some pictures...ok, maybe lots. It's great to share good times with my friends and dog family and to see how a well matched family/puppy combo can thrive.