Joyso Golden Retrievers - Breeder - Southwestern Ontario

Thank you for visiting Camp Joyso on line. As a person who is a 30+ year veteran of this breed, please allow me to be your guide.

The goals of this web site are three fold:

  1. to educate those who are looking to bring a Golden Retriever into their lives ;
    the best buyer is an educated buyer.
    the best home for a Golden Retriever is the one that is prepared to work very diligently both on their own and in tandem with me to create that long happy family canine companion relationship we all seek.
    yes, even Golden Retrievers, who have the reputation as being one of the breeds known to be great canine family companions, require training and consistency to successfully develop into that role. 
  2. to inform people of Camp Joyso ;
    what makes us different. 
    any upcoming breeding / litter plans. 
    get to know my dogs, both adults and puppies, who are my constant life companions.
    we go everywhere and do everything together, which is a great foundation for a confident, well adjusted dog.
  3. to celebrate the lovely Golden Retrievers with whom I have been fortunate to have shared my life.
    it is my hope that you enjoy walking down Memory Lane with us, as much as my goldens and I enjoyed traveling that lane of life.

Finally, through the pages of our Camp Joyso website, I would hope that you should find
answers to your questions,
knowledge for your curiosity
witness and share my deep love and respect for this absolutely wonderful multi faceted , multi layered breed

If you should have any other questions, please feel free to contact us directly.





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