Joyso Golden Retrievers - Breeder - Southwestern Ontario

I have always viewed breeding Golden Retrievers as a labour of love.
I promised myself when the labour part of that duo became too much for me, to continue doing it with the dedication I wanted to, I would retire.
After 30+ years that time finally arrived and I have retired from actively competing and breeding Golden Retrievers.

With my retirement the focus of this web site is on two things which are very dear to me
to be an educational resource to those looking to welcome a golden into their life
to celebrate all the beauty that is the Golden Retriever breed in general and those I have and still do love with all my heart

  1. I believe the best buyer of anything, including a family companion, is an educated buyer.
    The information through out this web site, which I have gathered over my lengthy involvement with the Golden Retriever breed,
    will be very helpful to those whose goal is to become the most informed purchaser they can possibly be.
    Both you and the puppy you will bring into your life, deserve the best, please use the information in this web site to help reach that goal.

  2. to celebrate the lovely Golden Retrievers with whom I have been fortunate to have shared my life.



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