Joyso Golden Retrievers


Daiseylane's Golden Boy

Sammy 1986

Sammy 1993



You were my first Golden and although you would not have set the show ring on fire (except of course the couple of times you were taken in after the shows were over, which made you feel very special indeed) you had that true Golden Temperament that has endeared your breed to me ever since you came into my life.

Although we were blessed with what seems too short a time together, I would not change a moment of it. You lived your life to the fullest, always a walk to take, a stick to chase (both of which you were happily doing when your loving heart ceased beating) or just a relaxing day spent content at your home. You taught a lot of your endearing qualities to our "New Golden Girl / Joy" and were always very patient with her. You took it all in stride, even when she eventually ruled nearly every aspect of your life...oh those girls :-)

True to your friendly Golden Nature, you made everyone you came in contact with smile and feel good. I know the past 7 years of my life were made fuller and more enjoyable because of you.

SAMMY, you made me happy when you were here with me and I know you would not want to make me sad now. I shall keep the memories of our time together in the special place in my heart they have earned and smile every time you come to mind, for you are... "MY BESTEST BOY"