I was unsure of whether I wanted to place Surfur in a for ever retirement home and then The Eastons contacted me.
I met Christina , her mother Linda and her daughter Katie almost 11 years ago when they purchased their golden puppy Max from me.
Christina called me to let me know Max had passed away and that, although not right then,
when they were ready they would love to welcome another Golden Retriever into their lives.
A few weeks later, Christina called me to tell me that there was a presence missing from their lives and they were ready.
I let Christina know that I had  couple of litters planned for the new year and that one of those puppies would have their name on it.
Christina then asked me about Surfur.
Christina said they had noticed on my web site that sometimes Surfur was available for placement and sometimes she was not.
I told Christina I was having difficulty deciding what to do with Surfur.
Christina asked if they could come over and meet Surfur and take it from there.
Of course They fell in love with Surfur and she went home with them that day.
As always seems to be the case with adults I place I did not have to actively seek a home for Surfur,  a wonderful perfect home found her.
Looking at the pictures of Surfur with her new family, it is obvious letting Surfur go to live with the Eastons was the best thing that could have happened or everyone.