Health Issues of the Golden Retriever Breed

Hello and welcome to all of you who are going through the process of looking for a Golden Retriever, be it a puppy or an adult.

As I state on the cover page of my web site, one of my primary goals here is to help educate those who are looking to add a Golden Retriever to their lives.

I firmly believe that an educated and informed puppy purchaser is the best puppy purchaser and am willing to do what ever I can to assist in that educational process.

As this is a relationship and commitment which will most likely last many years, purchasing a Golden Retriever should be about much more then purchasing a cute cuddly fluffy golden canine companion.

I had originally planned on researching, compiling and presenting information on the health issues which are known to be associated with the Golden Retriever breed myself but the Golden Retriever Club of America has done such a comprehensive job of this task that I have decided to provide you with the link to their web page dedicated to this topic.

Please, please, invest the time to become knowledgeable with regard to all the important information which is to be found on this site.

The more you know ... the better prepared you will be!

If you have any questions, about any of the information contained with regard to any of the issues and information included please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your questions / concerns are always welcome and I will do my best to address / explain things to you.

All Joyso Golden Retriever puppies are

1) The result of breedings where the parents possess all required health clearances and wonderful Golden Retriever temperament
2) The result of careful and thorough pedigree research.

Although we would love it if all pedigrees of all dogs contained only desirable traits which would be passed on to the offspring of the dogs involved but that just isn't the reality of life.
With pedigrees of all dogs containing both desirable and undesirable traits, the job of a responsible breeder is to know their pedigrees well in order to combine dogs / lines which will breed toward desirable traits and away from undesirable ones.

All Joyso Golden Retriever puppies are

Raised in my home in a caring & stimulating environment, which will help prepare them for a full life with their families.
All Joyso Golden Retriever puppies will be
1) wormed 2 - 3 times
2) vet checked & receive 1st set of vaccinations
3) individually identified via tattoo
4) CKC registered
5) raised in my home with plenty of socialization to ensure they will be prepared to go out n meet the world
6) temperament tested, evaluated

All Joyso Golden Retriever puppies come with

1) a 3 year Health Guarantee which can be found on this web site
2) a lifetime of support from myself and the network of knowledgeable and caring professionals with whom I have cultivated relationships over the years.
3) a copy of Golden Retrievers for Dummies , a great additional resource for people bringing home a new Golden Retriever
4) valuable information about:

  • the parents (health clearances);
  • feeding;
  • general puppy raising suggestions;
  • current developments with regard to new vaccination protocols;
  • letter of introduction to be given to your vet