Retired Goldens

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Joyso's Gold Dust Woman    RUMOUR 


Joyso Sonyc Mover N Shaker    SHAKER 


CH Joyso Sonyc Here We Go Lucy Lu    LUCY 


CH Joyso's Kickin It Up A Notch   BAMM BAMM


CH Joyso's Kickin At The Beach   PEBBLES 



Sonyc's I Know Tears Of Joyso   GOLLY 

Joyso's High Five    SURFUR 



Joyso's Ready To Shake It Up    SHIMMIE 



Joyso's Bend Me Shape Me    WILLOW 



Joyso's KillerWhaleTank   GORD 


Joyso's You're A Fine Girl   "BRANDY"