Joyso Golden Retrievers


Azure's Love Struck Baby
Sire: CH Goldcap Montague OS 
Dam: Azure's Jazmine Flower

Joy - 1991

Joy - 2004



Joy, you were my golden companion for 13 years, almost 1/4 of my life.
To say my life was made better by your being in truly an understatement
To say there is a presence missing by your leaving also an understatement

Joy, I love you and you will live on, as I intended you to, in the kennel name I chose when we started on this journey together. Even more treasured, however, is that you will live on in my heart even as you take a piece of it with you.

Love you always...Janet McLean...proudly Joyso Golden Retrievers


Pedigree of "Azure's Love Struck Baby"



CH Goldcap Montague OS

CH Midas Tall Tale SpinnerCH Stolford Martell
CH Stolford Touch Of Midas
Sandy's Cinnamon SpiceCH Curranhall's Karo Of Goldrange
Sandy's Golden Penny


Azure's Jazmine Flower

CH Camrose Betimmy UDLovehayne Betimotei Of Camrose
CH Gyrima Wystonia Of Camrose
CH Kyon's Just PeachyCH Majerumhogda's Kyon Flying Suprise
CH Chrys-Haefen Luck Lady CD