UKC CH Joyso's Bandolero



Joyso's Bandolero "Sara"

What can I say about this golden girl who has given me, (and those who are fortunate to own one of her puppies) so very much.
Our relationship is a little different then that which I have shared with most of my golden girls and it is that difference which makes it so very special.
Because I have a few goldens living here they have to share me.
Normally my goldens accept that way of life but this has never been the case for Sara.
For Sara I am everything to her, undoubtedly the most important presence in her life.
She prefers to be by my side, then playing with the other dogs.
She gets any needed strength and solace in uncertain situations from me.
Sara most definitely holds just as special place in my heart as I do in hers.     

In talking with those who have her puppies, it appears she has passed this trait of her's on to her offspring.
So this desire to bond with people , which she possesses, comes through very strongly from her.

Along with her unconditional love and devotion, Sara has given me undoubtedly some of the best quality goldens I have had under my roof, with which to carry on my breeding program.
I have made a collage of Sara & the girls I have kept from her litters.
The quality jumps off the page!

Often you will hear breeders talk about their "heart dogs".
Dogs with whom we have a different relationship because of that dog its self, the places that dog has taken us, the things that dog has shared with us.
Most of the time when we talk of these heart dogs they are usually boys.
Many times because the boys are known for making you their world, where as the girls can be a little more self focused (g). 
In this case, my heart dog is my mama girl Sara.
With many of my other girls I have been able to let them leave my side to go on to brighten the lives of others but I cannot imagine who could come along that I would let Sara leave.
Sara is here for  ... life.

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