CH Joyso Sonyc Here We Go Lucy Lu

my promising puppy Lucy

Lucy show picture from her very 1st dog show.
Lucy was wonderfully shown by Michele Tuominen, the owner of Lucy's sire sire
Lucy won Winners Bitch, Best Of Winners, Best Puppy Breed, Best Puppy Group that day
A couple more shows saw Lucy earn her CKC CH.
Lucy is arguably one of the best golden girls I have produced and incorporated into to my breeding program.
Lucy was the result of a complete out cross breeding combining both N American and Australian Golden Retrievers.
Kathy Carbone and I bred Absolut Sonyc Double Dutch "Mocha"
(you can find more about Mocha on her page on this web site) with 
Michele Tuominen's, Fantango Johnny Walker "Johnny"
The line Mocha, Johnny and Lucy started is still going strong.
When I retired from breeding Golden Retrievers, breeder friends of mine took over the responsibility of keeping that line going.
They are continuing to keep old, classic dogs influencing the breed today.
What is referred to as "Preservation Breeding".

Lucy and Mary 

Lucy is not only an incredible golden girl, she has lived and continues to live an equally incredible life.
When Lucy had contributed her part to my breeding program, I agreed to let her go to live with a senior lady.
Lucy's presence would provide the lady with the companionship she required to feel comfortable living on her own.
There was an agreement where Lucy would return to live with me should she no longer be able to live with the lady.
After 7 years of living with the lady, Lucy was returned to me.


Lucy's 1st few days back home

Lucy came home to me suffering from a few major health issues.
Lucy weight was 121 pounds, she was suffering from arthritis and other skeletal & muscle issues
as a result of carrying around her excess weight.
My veterinarian, myself and my Golden Retriever breeder friend community have worked together
to try to alleviate some of Lucy's physical and health issues.
We have Lucy on a good pain management protocol and we have added some senior and joint oriented supplements to her diet.
Lucy is receiving regular massage therapy and chiropractic treatments.
We are doing this in an attempt to alleviate some of her skeletal and muscle irregularities and deformities
which were caused by carrying around the excess weight.
Lucy is happy, wagging her tail and smiling, when she greets both her Chiropractor and her Massage therapist
I can notice positive changes in Lucy both physically and in her attitude after her treatments.
All of our combined efforts seem to be having positive effects on Lucy.
Lucy no longer moans when changing positions when she is laying down.
Lucy has come out of her shell and is the social butterfly I remembered her being, eager to visit with anyone.
She will bark, her soft senior bark, at people who walk by our home, saying hi.
She has made friends with the neighbours and regularly goes to visit with them.

Creed, Pink and I always go for a country walk to start our day.
Since her return, I always give Lucy the opportunity to join us.
I leave it up to her as to whether she feels up to coming along with us or not.
Lucy's attendance on these walks had been sporadic and
for obvious reasons very short for the 1st few months after she first arrived here.
With her weight loss and the extra TLC mentioned above, Lucy always wants to go for her morning walk.
I take Lucy for a short walk than let her rest while I take her grand kids Creed and Pink for their longer walk.

At the time of writing this addition to Lucy's page, Lucy weighs around 72 pounds.
Lucy weighed 70 pounds as a mature adult, a big golden girl that's for sure.
All of the professionals involved in caring for Lucy, my peers in my Golden Retriever Breeder community and myself are amazed at how far
Lucy has come since she came back to me.
This weight loss means Lucy has lost around 40 pounds or close to 1/3 of her body weight she once carried.

Lucy slim n trim                                               Peek I see you      
Lucy relaxing in her front yard                               Lucy's beautiful smile

Lucy sporting her summer clip which shows off her svelte 72 pound self

Lucy has reaped so much benefit from the support and efforts of the loving global golden retriever community to which I belong.
It really has taken a village to raise Lucy since she has returned to me.
Everyone contributing their own unique advice, success stories and encouragement.
Every few days, I get asked "how's Lucy doing"?
Reports on her status are met with much enthusiasm from friends world wide. 

A day to celebrate all that is LUCY!!

03/30/2009 - 09/16/2022
I knew, when Lucy returned to me, our time together was finite.
That didn't make saying good bye to my sweet Lucy any less difficult.

Lucy was such a special golden girl.
She taught or at the very least reminded me 3 very important life qualities:
*Lucy never met a person she didn't welcome openly into her life, with a wagging tail, her little tap dance & lovely smile.
*Lucy always made the best out of what life gave her, no matter how little or large she was given.
*Lucy showed that strength of will, one's personal strength will is a very valuable asset. 
I will do my best to honour Lucy by trying to live my life with these qualities guiding me. 

Lucy's body, specifically her rear, finally said, I can do no more.
Even Lucy's strength of will could not put this ill in its place so that she could carry on with her day as she wanted to.
True to being Lucy, she still made the best of what she was given that day.
The final day of Lucy's life we spent on her front porch, where she could watch all the goings on in her neighbourhood.
The kids at school, the mail lady, all the people walking by.
Lucy laying there with her head in my lap as I massaged her.
Except of course when Lucy would push my hand away to let me know to stop as she'd had enough for awhile, 
Then she would give me the "golden retriever head bump"  on my arm indicating she would like some more.
It was truly beautiful.
Every now and again Lucy would look up at me with a look I have seen my past Golden Retriever companions give me
the look that says "I don't feel good, make me feel better".
We had come to the point where there was only 1 compassionate way to make Lucy feel better.
So, Lucy's favourite neighbour Jane & I hugged, held & petted Lucy as we let her go to a place where she can run & play free of all ills.

A better Ambassador for the Golden Retriever breed could not be found.
Lucy, you truly made the world a "golden place" enriching the lives of so many people.
More people than you will ever know.
The many members of your world wide FB fan club are mourning your loss.
My special Lucy, your presence will be missed by many but none more than by me.
I Love you so Lucy Lu.

Blue Rodeo says it best

"The moments of magic are just to short, they are over before they begin"
Blue Rodeo

Run free sweet Lucy