Stepper's Puppies



Here are pictures of some of the goldens from Stepper's 3 litters.

We'll start with her 1st litter which was born April 16th 2005



Angus @ 5 months 

Angus as a teenager 

ANGUS as a mature golden boy 


KODY very photogenic 


KEEPER (the red head) and her buddy



                                                                                                                NICKI never far from a ball 


Here are some pictures of the goldens from Stepper's 2nd litter born April 21st 2006



ANGUS as a young puppy 

ANGUS, the only thing better then playing in the snow is playing in the snow with Mia



RILEY a happy golden girl


                                                                                                      KONA, can we eat the cake yet 


TAZ who says dogs can't go on trampolines 

TAZ a handsome adult golden boy 


Here are some of the goldens from Stepper's 3rd (and final) litter born April 21st 2007





HARDY as a puppy 

HARDY loves his kids at the beach and at home 



                                                                        PENNY's 1st day in her new home 


                                                                                                   PENNY likes to sleep with her kids 


                       SADIE celebrates her birthday in style 


SADIE loves her home life complete with a comfortable couch and a kitty friend!