Shimmie with her favourite stinky cow hoof

Just as she did here, Shimmie has found a couch on which to get comfy and sleep

Shimmie has her very own "big screen TV" complete with lots of squirrel action to watch

Shimmie inherited the best her pedigree had to offer, physically,  in temperament and in health.
I was so very excited at the prospect of breeding Shimmie so that she could pass her wonderful qualities to her offspring.
I bred Shimmie two times, only to be disappointed when she did not conceive.
I was not the only person who appreciated Shimmie's wonderful qualities and had fallen in love with Shimmie.
There was someone else who had patiently waited to get a puppy from both breedings only to be disappointed when the breedings were unsuccessful.
When it became obvious that mother hood just was not in Shimmie's future , Kim expressed an interest in welcoming Shimmie into her life.
So, I let Shimmie go to live the spoiled life of a canine companion.
Shimmie will thrive in an environment where she is the only dog and her owner will thrive having a golden girl in her life again
Thank you Kim for giving Shimmie such a wonderful retired life.