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Joyso's KillerWhaleTank "GORD"
@ 3 months

Gord doing what Gord does best ,
He is one of the best ambasadors of the breed I have had the pleasure of knowing.



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Joyso's KillerWhaleTank

Gord is the boy I decided to keep from Sara's 1st litter.

When Sara passed all of her breed specific health screens, I began some serious thinking as to with who I should breed her.
I decided to talk with Marcia Schlehr "Kyrie Golden Retrievers", to get her thoughts. Not only because I respect Marcia's breeding program but because Sara was the result of a breeding where Marcia had allowed me to breed my Lucy with decades old frozen of her male Bandit. Marcia suggested I take a look at the males that Marj Trowbridge "Trowsnest Golden Retrievers" has. Marcia suggested I pay special attention to the male named Trowsnest Second Wind II "Deuce'. Interestingly enough, Deuce is also the result of a breeding involving frozen sperm from a male long gone, Trowsnest Whirlwind "Whirly". Whirly would go on to be a very influential dog in the Golden Retriever breed and a dog Marcia incorporated into her own breeding program.

I then contacted Marj to discuss a potential breeding of my Sara with one of her boys. After speaking with Marcia to get a reference about me me, followed up with a conversation between Marj and myself about Sara, Marj agreed to let my Sara be bred with one of her boys. We would make the decision as to which boy when she had the opportunity to evaluate Sara in person. When Sara came in season, myself, Sara & my other girls made the trek to New Hampshire. When Marj saw Sara the decision was made to breed her with Deuce, the boy Marcia had suggested. So, my girls and I spent a week and a half in a motel in New Hampshire, while the breeding took place.

The resulting litter had 9 puppies, 2 males & 7 females. When the pups were 8 weeks old, my breeder friends and I gathered for a puppy evaluation party!

Gord was the male who caught everyone's eye. Not only is he structurally built well, his temperament / personality are wonderful confident with out being cocky or dominant sweet n personable loves to be with people simply put ... a boy with a truly golden temperament  In the future, I so looking forward to having fun in many activities (field, obedience, conformation) with Gord!

For now ... I will just let him be a happy care free puppy