Joyso Golden Retrievers - Breeder - Southwestern Ontario

Thank you for visiting Camp Joyso online. As a 30 year veteran of this breed, please allow me to be your guide.

The goals of this web site are three fold:

  1. to educate those who are looking to bring a Golden Retriever into their lives - the best buyer is an educated buyer and the best home for a Golden Retriever is the one that works and leads to a long and happy life together
  2. to inform people of Camp Joyso; what make s us different, upcoming breeding / litter plans. My dogs are in my life, constantly. Whether one of my adults, or a new pup, we live as a pack - a great foundation for a confident, well adjusted dog.
  3. to celebrate the lovely Golden Retrievers with whom I have been fortunate to have shared my life. It is my hope that you enjoy walking down Memory Lane with us and see that over time, as much as I did living and making them

Finally, through the pages of our Camp Joyso website, I would hope that you should find answers to your questions, knowledge for your curiousity and understand and share with me the love of a great breed.

If you should have any other questions, please feel free to contact us directly.





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