CH Joyso Sonyc Here We Go Lucy Lu

Lucy n Mary




I came home one day to a voice message.

It was a lady who was wondering if I had any adult Golden Retrievers available. I didn't really have an adult available as I had decided to keep my Lucy for ever.
My first response was not to bother calling her back but a little voice (one which would speak quietly to me through out the entirety of this experience) told me to call her back. When I did, she explained that she was calling for her boss, who was in search of an adult golden.

I told her to have her boss give me a call and I would discuss it with him.

Her boss, Bill, quickly called me back saying that he was looking for an adult golden to be a companion for his 87 yr old mother, Mary. Again I was thinking ,I do not think so, but that little voice told me to hear the fella out. Bill said, Mary lives in her own home on her own and that she had just lost her 10 yr old golden companion and she really wanted another one. Truth be known he added, her family members wanted her to have one also, knowing how much of a positive effect a canine companion can have on seniors with whom they are living. Bill said Mary is able to be on her own because there are relatives, her sons & grand kids who live near and are checking in on her through out the day. He added she does have a bit of Alzheimers.

I am thinking, you really are not helping your case here, but that little voice told me to keep going.

So I invited Bill over to meet Lucy and we would discuss this further. When Bill arrived, I invited him inside to meet Lucy and so we could talk some more. Bill, of course thought Lucy perfect for his mother, wanting to take Lucy home with him that day. During the entire conversation, that little voice kept saying to me ,this is a great thing for both Lucy & Mary. So I told Bill that I would get Lucy spayed and when she was finished recovering from that I would bring her to Mary's home.

If I felt it a good place for Lucy to live, I would leave her there. If I didn't, I would take her back home with me.

At the end of the 2 weeks recuperative time, I took Lucy over to Mary's home.

I cried all the way there, I cried almost the entire time I was there as well as most of the trip I took back home.

Obviously 2 weeks wasn't quite enough time for me to adjust to Lucy's leaving me. It didn't take long of visiting with Mary for me to realize, this is with whom Lucy should be living. That little voice inside my head... was now shouting! 

This living arrangement would be great ... for both Mary & Lucy. So I listened to that voice and left Lucy to live with Mary.

I have been back a few times, I have an open invitation to visit Mary and Lucy whenever I wish. Each time I visit I see more n more how both Mary & Lucy are benefiting from being together.

Good thing I chose to listen to that little voice this time.