CH Joyso Sonyc Here We Go Lucy Lu

Lucy is not only an incredible golden girl, she has lived and continues to live an equally incredible life.
Lucy is arguably one of the best golden girls I have created and incorporated into to my breeding program.

Lucy's show photo the day she won Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Puppy Breed & Best Puppy Group.

Lucy was the result of a complete out cross breeding combining both N American and Australian goldens.
Kathy Carbone and I bred Absolut Sony Double Dutch "Mocha"
(you can find more about Mocha on her page on this web site) with 
Michele Tuominen's, Fantango Johnny Walker "Johnny"
The line Mocha, Johnny and Lucy started is still going strong.
When I retired from breeding Golden Retrievers, breeder friends of mine took over the responsibility of keeping that line going.
They are continuing to keep old, classic dogs influencing the breed today.
What is referred to as "Preservation Breeding".

Lucy and Mary 

When Lucy had contributed her part to my breeding program, I agreed to let her go to live with a senior lady.
Lucy's presence would provide the lady with the companionship she required to feel comfortable living on her own.
There was an agreement where Lucy would return to live with me should she no longer be able to live with the lady.
After 7 years of living with the lady, Lucy was returned to me.

Lucy's her 1st day back home

Lucy came home to me suffering from two major health issues.
Lucy weight was 121 pounds and she was suffering from arthritis resulting from carrying around her excess weight.
My veterinarian and myself have worked together to try to alleviate some of her physical and health issues.
We have Lucy on a good pain management protocol and have added some supplements to her diet.
All of our combined efforts are proving successful.
Lucy now weighs 86 pounds, which is around 10 pounds of what her goal weight is.
Lucy weighed 70 pounds as a mature adult, a big golden girl that's for sure.
Getting Lucy to that ideal weigh is in all likelihood not possible as there are skin folds which we will never be able to get rid.

Part of my daily routine is taking my 2 golden retriever companions, Creed and Pink, for a walk in the country.
Lucy's weight loss has resulted in her actively participating in these walks.
Many times Lucy will enthusiastically play with Creed and Pink, who just happen to be her grand kids.

I see contentment and happiness in every fiber of Lucy's being and in all of her actions.
From Lucy's ear to ear smile and the sparkle in her eyes to the tip of her wagging tail.
Lucy is living the good life, a life well earned and so deserved.